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In December 1664, a comet appeared over England, reappearing again in March the following year.  People viewed it with superstitious dread, believing it brought war and pestilence.  They were right...

Like most London schoolboys, ,Jamie knows all about the Great Fire of London in 1666, and how the plague had killed tens of thousands of people just the year before - but it's all ancient history to him.  Until he finds an antique key on the banks of the Thames and people start falling ill.

With the help of a new schoolfriend and Christopher Wren's battered old journal, Jamie discovers the source of the new plague outbreak - and learns that worse is yet to come unless he can walk in Wren's footsteps and put a stop to it once and for all.  

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Prophecies of Ballitor:

Book One:   Ben and the Book of Prophecies

Ben is the youngest and most successful thief in the royal city of Quadrivium, but his life takes an unexpected turn when he's recruited to find the Book of Prophecies by Bella, the queen's mother, and a giant talking eagle called Murgatroyd.  They believe it will allow them to see into the future and prevent a war.  Bella also hopes the Book will lead her to her son who went missing many years before.

Ben sets off on a dangerous quest to find the Book, encountering unexpected friends and dangerous foes along the way.  He's aided by a single page of the Book that only he can read.

But not everyone wants the Book of Prophecies to be found.

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Book Two:   Race for the Heir

The king is found dead in suspicious circumstances, clearing the way for someone to rule the kingdom through the baby prince.  Ben immediately suspects his old enemy, the pale man, but could it be Cardinal Bolt, who has shown an excessive interest in the Book of Prophecies?

When the young prince is found to be an imposter, the race is on to find the true heir to the throne.  Ben sets off on the perilous journey across the Sylver Sea to the Abbey of the Ancients, where the prince is believed to have been taken.  But an unexpected surprise is waiting for him there.

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Book Three:   Meridian Obsidian

Ben must defeat his nemesis, the pale man, once and for all, in order to save the kingdom and reunite his own family.  To do this, he has to locate the Cave of All Souls and exploit the pale man's only weakness: his obsession with Ben's own mother.

The Book of Prophecies offers up a single clue:  Meridian Obsidian, a glasslike substance believed to line the mythical cave.  But when Ben comes across it in the most dangerous place he's ever been, he wonders whether the price for defeating the Pale Man is simply too high.

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